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From Quadra Island to Cortes Island

My last day on Quadra I drove all over the place. I went to Rebecca Spit and walked for a ways, then I went to the Kwagiulth museum at Cape Mudge. It's a beautiful building, suggestive of a traditional Big House, but built in a spiral like a snail shell. The focus is on potlatch paraphernalia. In 1922, the federal government passed a law banning the Potlatch. They confiscated everyone's potlatch goodies, which threw a real monkey wrench into the native economy, but that's yet another long, sad story. In 1982, after lengthy negotiations, the government began returning the goodies, and they continue to dribble in. The museum is very well done and well worth the time to find and visit. I also tried to locate a woodworker's place that Dave had recommended, but couldn't. Time to move on.

When I ferried to Quadra, I had mistakenly bought a ticket on to Cortes, so I decided to use it. It's about a 45 minute trip from QI. When I got off the ferry, I drove straight to Smelt Bay and set up camp. When you go down to the bay, it's pretty, but the campsites are nothing to write home about. So I won't. No view, whatsoever. I hate that. There is also a campfire ban on the island and a severe water shortage. I read a little and then went to bed. The next day I got up and wandered down to the bay where I found a Westy, but no people. I played in the water for a bit and hunted for treasures, then I drove around the island.

I found Hollyhock, which is a retreat/resort kind of a place. I was hoping that there was something going on that I could plug into. I had tried to schedule in a few of their workshops before I left Florida, but the timing didn't work. (Good thing, since my schedule changed so drastically over the course of the summer.) I stopped in, looked around, and visited the gift shop. I grabbed a schedule, wandered around some more and then drove on until I ended up at Gorge Harbour (they spell it that way, I guess it's kind of like "shoppe"), which is one of the marinas that we had visited in the boat. They had campsites there, and I hadn't even noticed them before. Campsites with hookups. And they rented videos. There is an EXCELLENT restaurant at Gorge Harbour.

This is the best: while I was camped at Gorge, I saw a Nordhaven just like the one whose picture I have on here somewhere . It was anchored right there in the harbor. I don't even know where that picture came from.