Books in the van

Buddhist Masters of Enchantment - Dowman

Astrology Alive - Schermer

Creative HTML Design - Weinman and Weinman (yeah, I know...I need to read it)

Web Page Design - Lopuck and Hampton

The Goddess Celebrates - Stein

Sailing for Beginners - Farnham

Meditation - Sri Swami Satchidananda

A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life - Santideva

Ohitika Woman - Mary Brave Bird

Loving Ganesa - Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

The Basic Essentials of Map & Compass - Jacobson

Using Filters - Kodak :-)

The Love Poems of Rumi - Chopra

No Life for a Lady - Cleaveland

How to Remember Bach Flower Remedies - Petrak

Animal-Speak - Andrews

A Bride Goes West - Alderson and Smith

When God was a Woman - Stone

Santa Fe and Taos, The Writer's Era - Weigle and Fiore

Tantrik Visions of the Divineinine - Kinsley

The Bike Book - Meredith

The Manual of Natural Therapy - Olshevsky, Noy, Zwang, and Burger

One Minute Guide to the Nautical Rules of the Road - Wing

Basic Freshwater Fishing - Hauptman

Before Women Had Wings - Fowler

Sea Kayaking - Hutchinson

Shopping for Buddhas - Greenwald

A Tenderfoot Bride - Benson

Letters of a Woman Homesteader - Pruitt Stewart

Psychology, Astrology and Western Magic - Alvarado

Confucius, The Buddha, and Christ - Covell

A History of God - Armstrong

Bless Me, Ultima - Anaya

The Way of Zen - Watts

Casting the Circle - Stein

Psychic Healing - Stein

Hoyle's Rules of Games - Morehead and Matt-Smith

Non-Flowering Plants - Shuttleworth/Zim

Clouds and Storms - Audubon

Fat Tuesday - Brown

The Traveller's Guide to Homeopathy - Speight

Astronomy - Pasachoff

Smithsonian Guides to Historic America;The Pacific States

Roadfood - Stern

Baedeker Canada

NAS Nature Guide to the Pacific Coast

British Columbia; Off the Beaten Path - Timmermans

Western Canada Travel Smart

Sanctuaries - Kelly and Kelly

Compass American Guide to the Pacific Northwest

The Goddess Oracle - Marashinsky (Thank you, Sandy, I read it compulsively every day. :-))

The Everyday IChing - Dening

A Woman's IChing - Stein

These were given to me yesterday by the mountain man:

The Hollow Earth - Bernard

The Doctor of Lonesome River - Marshall

These I picked up at the Cody museum gift shop (which is an EXCELLENT place to pick up books about the west):

Joe Meek; the Merry Mountain Man - Vestal

Kit Carson's Autobiography

The Gentle Tamers - Brown

A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home - Goodell-Judson

Soiled Doves; Prostitution in the Early West - Seagraves

Wyoming; A Guide to Historic Sites - WY Recreation Commission

Insight Guides Native America

Indian America; A Geography of North American Indians


I think I need to have a bookmobile sign made for the EVC ...