I do have some complaints ...

The refrigerator works off and on. Mostly on, but right now it's off. And I keep having the same problem: the flame needs to be recalibrated. I haven't learned how to do that yet. On the other hand, the refrigerator on my Westy NEVER worked well enough to use. I turned it into an icebox.

The furnace works great.

Everything else works the way that it's supposed to. I love the spray hose in the rear. I love all of the little storage nooks and crannies. I'm happy with the engine and the power and the brakes. I can live with the suspension until I spring for Bilsteins. I prefer a stiffer ride.

It looks bland and innocuous and I really hate white bumpers, but that's mostly a matter of personal taste.

My only remaining bitch (other than that not enough dealers work on them) is the upstairs bed.

I don't get it. The poptop bed in the Westy was nice and roomy. Two people could easily sleep up there. Someone could even sleep up there with ME, and I'm an incredibly restless sleeper. I could SIT UP in the Westy's upper bunk. The upper bed on the EVC is just so chintzy. I feel all crammed in, even if I'm not touching anywhere. I can't move my feet around. I can't sit up. All I need is six more inches, maybe even 3; that can't be that big a deal. There has to be a way to put a new scissors hinge on there and new struts to raise it up a little bit. I'll gladly pay for new canvas. I'm on a mission to figure out a fix.

It may seem like a little thing, but it's really a big thing to me. It drives me nuts, because the upper bunk has always been my favorite place to sleep.