Differences that I can think of:

The engine. 5 cly. to 6 cyl. Yes, you notice the difference.

The '95 has stick, which I like. It's not available on the U.S. '97.

You don't have to run around back and turn the water pump on in the '97 like you do in the '95.

The bumpers. I miss the black bumpers.

The glove box. I miss the glove box and the storage bin up front.

The steering wheels are different. The '95 feels more like an old bus. I like that better.

The '95 was imported as a utility vehicle. The '97 was imported as a passenger vehicle. That accounts for many of the differences. The '97 has things like vanity mirrors and heater ducts that lead to the rear. More insulation. It's a more polished van. They did things like put catches on the closet doors so that they don't slide open.